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Spring in the City… Rittenhouse Square

Philadelphia is a vibrant mix of old and new, historic and hip, traditional and trendy.

This City of many historic firsts and innumerable legends has long been a popular destination.

Centuries before William Penn sailed up the Delaware,  it was a gathering place of great reverence and relevance for generations of Native Americans who settled here, farming the ancient lands, hunting in its forests and fishing along its rivers and streams.

From its earliest beginnings as a City, it was an enclave that beckoned to millions fleeing religious or political persecution in their lands of origin. Philadelphia became a perfect melting pot of ethnicities, cuisines, and cultures.

Chinatown New Year’s celebration.

Home to the largest municipal park in the world, with tree-lined streets even in its business district, and pocket parks nestled throughout its many neighborhood communities, today it’s every bit the “green country town” that Penn envisioned long ago.

The City once renowned as “Workshop of the World” continues to attract international visitors and abounds in cultural amenities, many of them free. Events, programs, lectures, food markets, theater, art, sports and more do much to showcase the City’s rich historic profile.

This blog will guide out-of-town visitors and hometown residents who seek out the best of what the city offers.

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